​Start Your Journey On Becoming A New, Healthier You

​Below are some of the key components of what I have to offer:

  • ​ A struct​ured exercise program tailored to your exact needs​
  • ​Custom meal plans and extensive nutrition discussion
  • ​An exact plan to follow on your off days such as what do cardio wise, etc...

​If you are new to exercise or working out and aren't quite ready for training yet, join my Facebook group so you can still partake in our community

​Welcome To The Optimal Fitness Community

​Below are ​some of the different facets of what Optimal Fitness has to offer

​Elite Training

​Area's Best Small Group Training

​Extensive Nutrition Discussion

​Don't take my word for it. See what many others have to say..

​"365 days ago, I walked through the doors at Tewksbury Sports Club frustrated and dejected at who I had become physically, as well as mentally through my continued and increasing years of weight gain. I never would have believed that from that day to this, the numbers that you can’t argue with, the strength and achievements that we continue to blow past monthly, and my overall emotional change and acceptance of myself, would ever have been possible...."

-Barbara Schiavone, HR Director

​"Matt is a great trainer. Every time I say "I can't do that" he simply says "Yes you can" And I find out he is right! He pushes me and takes no excuses. His Burn groups are fun but yet challenging. He is always switching it up and finding new workouts so you never get bored. The people in the Burn group are simply great! The Burn Groups are full of fun, laughs, support and encouragement. His nutrition program provides a lot of great information. I am soon to be 52 and feeling the best I ever have thanks to Matt!"

-Joyce Post, ​Nurse

​"Even with my busy schedule of 2 jobs and 2 teenagers this group of people at Optimal Fitness continue to keep me motivated to workout whenever I can. They provide videos of exercises to do at home, podcasts where you can ask your questions on nutrition and fitness, share stories and provide overall support! Matt Quigley and the crew inspire me every day to continue to be my best!"

-Liana Connors, Certified Bad Ass

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