Are You Missing This Fat-Loss Step?
Discover which of the 4 critical steps for lasting weight-loss you've mistakenly overlooked...

"I Tried For months to lose weight and nothing happened, I knew something was missing"

Many people come to me feeling a little bit lost and a whole lot frustrated. They’ve been trying their best to live healthier, but something’s missing…

Maybe you’re in that spot right now? You’ve been trying to eat better, to exercise a bit more, drink more water, and change your overall lifestyle but you see no results.

The majority of people I work with are 80% of the way there. They’re just missing a few small (but crucial) tweaks that make all the difference. Once we uncover which adjustments to make, your frustration can finally end

Optimal Fitness is here to help you discover what is holding you back.

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Personal Training

Are you looking for a more personal level of training? Try 1-on-1 personal training with Matt and maximize your output as well as learn more about the ways to optimize your physical fitness.

Small Group Training

Are you looking to train with others in order to maximize morale and incorporate accountability? Take part in small group training led by Matt and motivate yourself and others to be the best version of yourself!

Online Training

Are you looking for a fitness plan tailored perfectly to your body and mind? Contact Matt and with a little information, data, opinions and science– receive your own personal fitness plan!athletes all around the world.

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optimal fitness

Optimal Fitness specializes as New Englands premier personal training business, providing in personal as well online templates to create your optimal physique. Whether you want to do it alone, on your own, or with a class of other like-minded individuals, Optimal Fitness caters to all needs!

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Thomas Jefferson, Third President of the United States

Optimal Fitness


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"365 days ago, I walked through the doors at the gym frustrated and dejected at who I had become physically, as well as mentally through my continued and increasing years of weight gain. I never would have believed that from that day to this, the numbers that you can't argue with, the strength and achievements that we continue to blow past monthly, and my overall emotional change and acceptance of myself, would ever have been possible..."

Barbara Schiavone, HR Director
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"Matt is a great trainer. Every time I say "I can't do that" he simply says "Yes you can" and I find out he is right! He pushes me and takes no excuses. His burn groups are fun but yet challenging. He is always switching it up and finding new workouts so you never get bored. The people in the Burn group are simply great! The Burn Groups are full of fun, laughs, support and encouragement. His nutrition program provides a lot of great information. I am soon to be 52 and feeling the best I ever have thanks to Matt!"

Joyce Post, Nurse

"Even with my busy schedule of 2 jobs and 2 teenagers, this group of people at Optimal Fitness continue to keep me motivated to workout whenever I can. They provide videos of exercises to do at home, podcasts where you can ask your questions on nutrition and fitness, share stories and provide overall support! Matt Quigley and the crew inspire me every day to continue to be my best!"

Liana Connors, Certified Badass

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Optimize your fitness with Matthew Quigley!

About Me

Personal Trainer, Matt Quigley

I am a graduate of Salem State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. I am A.C.E. Certified and have been personal training for over ten years, currently working at RMA in Wilmington, Massachusetts as a Senior Exercise Physiologist. I have worked with clients of all ages, 14-75 years old.

I do personal training and small group training with an emphasis on variety and keeping workout exciting. As part of personal training, I tailor workouts to the specific needs of each individual, keeping injuries and personal goals in mind.

I am committed to helping my clients become the best versions of themselves through exercise and living healthier lifestyles. My knowledge and a strong passion for fitness are a direct reflection of my clients achieving their personal fitness as well as mental goals.

Recently I started my own personal training business, Optimal Fitness, with the hope of branching out further on my quest to better the lives of my clients.

In my spare time I write blogs on trending topics about both fitness and nutrition, mainly an emphasis on nutrition.


  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • A.C.E. Certified
  • CPR / AED Certified
  • 10+ Years Experience

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