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A Few People That Chose The Optimal Fitness Path...

Barry Dick
Barry Dick
-Owner, Dick Insurance
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"Matt worked me hard yesterday. I was always an old school weight lifter and workout guy. His training has spiced up my routines and accelerated weight loss for me. Cuts down my time in the gym and great results..im 51 and feel for the first time in a long time I right on track to where I want to be."
Kristen Gagne
Kristen Gagne
-Dental Hygenist
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"I strongly recommend joining Optimal Fitness! Matt devotes his heart and time for his clients until each and everyone is satisfied. After each class or session you walk out feeling your best and look forward to another! The best part is not only working out, however you get laugh and be yourself. 😍 5 STARS ALL THE WAY 🤩"
Annette Macmullin
Annette Macmullin
-Associate Director
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"Matt is a great personal trainer! He doesn't give up on you even when you have given up on yourself. He knows our struggles and works with everyone and their individual needs. He expects hard work and once you begin working with him, you'll want to give it every bit you have (even when he says "one more" and you think you can't do it....you will!) His sessions are always challenging but very rewarding."
Lyndsay Robinson
Lyndsay Robinson
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Matt is amazing! Very informative and his training is very unique. Highly recommend Matt to someone who is looking to lose weight and change up their routine!
Cheryl White
Cheryl White
-Business Owner
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Matt is a highly motivated professional which equates to personal results. I have taken the BURN class and I will say that “IT BURNS”. Great group of repeat clients which says it all.
Svetlana Gomer
Svetlana Gomer
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Matt is a very talented trainer , he is always there for you and makes the training sessions fun , introducing exercises that take you to the new level of fitness . looking forward to the next training at # Optimal Fitness.

About Us

optimal fitness

Optimal Fitness specializes as New Englands premier personal training business, providing in personal as well online templates to create your optimal physique. Whether you want to do it alone, on your own, or with a class of other like-minded individuals, Optimal Fitness caters to all needs!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  — Jim Rohn

American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

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1 Burlington Ave. Wilmington, MA 01887

14 Bessom St. Marbleheead, MA 01945


1 (339) 927-4639


Optimize your fitness with Matthew Quigley!

About The Owner

Exercise Physiologist, Matt Quigley

I am a graduate of Salem State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. I am A.C.E. Certified and have been personal training for over ten years, currently working at RMA in Wilmington, Massachusetts as a Senior Exercise Physiologist. I have worked with clients of all ages, 14-75 years old.

I do personal training and small group training with an emphasis on variety and keeping workout exciting. As part of personal training, I tailor workouts to the specific needs of each individual, keeping injuries and personal goals in mind.

I am committed to helping my clients become the best versions of themselves through exercise and living healthier lifestyles. My knowledge and a strong passion for fitness are a direct reflection of my clients achieving their personal fitness as well as mental goals.

Recently I started my own personal training business, Optimal Fitness, with the hope of branching out further on my quest to better the lives of my clients.

In my spare time I write blogs on trending topics about both fitness and nutrition, mainly an emphasis on nutrition.


  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • A.C.E. Certified
  • CPR / AED Certified
  • 10+ Years Experience

Optimal Blog

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