How to Do a Proper Push-Up


When doing a push-up, do you ever think to yourself, “Am I doing this right?” Watch the video for a demonstration and explanation of exactly how a push-up should be done and the mistakes the majority of men and women make when doing push-ups.

By following the steps in the video you can be confident you’ll never do a push-up wrong again. For more fitness related advice, be sure to visit the Optimal Fitness blog.


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Matt has 10+ years of experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Life Coaching, Group Exercise Instruction, Nutritional Counseling, Exercise Design, and Exercise Physiology. Strong healthcare services professional with a Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc focused in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Salem State University. For the past two years, Matt has been sharing his knowledge and love of fitness through the blogs that he writes.

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