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​A Few Examples of My Clients Accomplishments

Is your gym routine getting stale or you’re not seeing the results you want? Want to look and feel the way you did 20 years ago? It is possible! Take your workout to the next level with a personal trainer. Whether you’re new to the gym or have personal fitness goals you want to reach, Matt will support, motivate, and push you to reach your fitness goals through personal training.

Through personalized workout programs, you’ll get the desired results you’re looking for with one-on-one attention. All workouts are tailored to your specific needs, keeping injuries and goals in mind.

Matt offers personal training sessions at Tewksbury Sports Club Mondays through Saturdays. Get started today by filling out the form.

​I have been working out for many years that always included using gym equipment, taking classes including spinning and running. I am one to say, I've tried it all! However, it wasn't until I began working with Matt's personal training, Burn classes and the Optimal Fitness program that I saw my fitness level and body actually change to become stronger and healthier. A knowledgeable trainer and a great group of people to work out with. Highly recommended!

​Elaine Marshall

​Over 3 years ago, I walked into Tewksbury Sport Club simply to join a gym and hopefully lose some weight. I was asked to meet with a personal trainer, which, at the time, I grudgingly did. Little did I know how much would change after that chance meeting with Matt. I started personal one-on-one training with him and continue it to this day. I also participate in his Burn group, which is a great way to work out with others and dare I say it, have fun too. The past 3 plus years have been amazing. I’ve lost so much weight and I am fitter....

​Karyn Harrison

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