​Welcome to #BurnTSC​ ​
​Small Group Training

Lose the excuses and gain an intensive workout with Matt’s small group training classes at Tewksbury Sports Club. Small group training classes consist of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals and provide you with the benefits of working out with a personal trainer at a great value.

If you’re looking for accountability, motivation, and a different workout each class, small group training is for you. Matt’s small group training class, Burn, is offered eight times a week at flexible times to meet your demanding schedule. You have the option to attend as many classes a week as your schedule permits.

For those of you just starting out, we now have Beginner #BurnTSC. ​

​class ​Schedule:

​​Tuesdays: 7PM

​Thursdays: 6:30, 7PM

​Saturdays: 9:30AM

if you have any questions, hit the button below​​   

​#BurnTSC Class Schedule:

  • T,W,TH-5:30 PM
  • T,W-6:00 PM
  • S-8:30,9:00 AM

​#BurnTSC is not for beginners 

​Due to the intense nature of the class, it is not recommended for people that have never exercised or are just starting. #BurnTSC revolves around HIIT and many other advanced forms of exercise to maximize the time spent in the gym. If you are interested in small group training and are just starting out I have a beginner class that meets Thurs. 7PM. Contact me for more info.


​365 days ago, I walked through the doors at Tewksbury Sports Club frustrated and dejected at who I had become physically, as well as mentally through my continued and increasing years of weight gain. I never would have believed that from that day to this, the numbers that you can’t argue with, the strength and achievements that we continue to blow past monthly, and my overall emotional change and acceptance of myself, would ever have been possible....

​Barbara Schiavone ​HR Director

​#BurnTSC is broken up into 3-phases to maximize results

  • ​Phase 1. ​Muscle Endurance
  • ​Phase 2. ​Muscle Building (no ladies you will not bulk up)
  • ​Phase 3. ​Muscle Strength

​This is what is known as ​periodization and is utilized by athletes at elite levels. After the 3-phases are complete, a new season of #BurnTSC begins and the phases are repeated.

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