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Matthew Quigley

8 Benefits of Doing Free Weights Exercises Over Resistance Machines

If your strength workout is limited to resistance machines, it’s time to get up and grab some weights. Not only are they more convenient and cost-effective if you’re working out at home, but using free weights vs. machines actually offers more performance benefits, too. According to trainers and science, incorporating them into your workout routine is the surest way to strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and become better at pretty much everything you do. Win-win.

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Diet and Nutrition
Matthew Quigley

The 4 Laws of Muscle

At a conference in 2012, Luc van Loon was presenting some exciting data from a newly published study. After a heroic research effort that took 2.5 years and 500,000 euros, he and his colleagues had managed to shepherd a large group of frail, elderly subjects through a six-month strength-training program. Those who had taken a daily protein supplement managed to pack on an impressive 2.9 pounds of new muscle. Success! Old people could be strong!

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Covid Protocols When Training

  • Hand sanitizer and disposable wipes are placed abundantly throughout the space for workers and customers to disinfect their hands and equipment before and after use.


  • Trainers are required to wash hands before and after each training session and sanitize frequently during each session.


  • All equipment must be sanitized between uses. No equipment shall be used by another customer or returned to the storage rack / container without being sanitized.


  • Clients are encouraged to use one piece of equipment at a time (e.g., limit circuit training or “super sets” with multiple pieces of equipment) in order to facilitate required sanitizing.


  • Clients must wear masks when entering and leaving the building.


  • During sessions, if a client is retrieving a piece of equipment for use, masks must be on.


  • While working out in their own personal workspace at a high level of intensity, clients can take the mask partially off to facilitate breathing then must put it back on. Immediately after exercising, that particular workspace must be immediately sanitized.