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Training options

Optimal Fitness offers an array of personal training classes / plans in order to get you into your optimal shape! Check out our options below and contact us when you’re ready to make the Optimal switch!


Online Personal Training

Are you looking for a fitness plan tailored perfectly to your body and mind? Contact Matt and with a little information, data, opinions and science– receive your own personal fitness plan!

Starts As Low As $80 A Month

small-group training"Optimal Burn"


Are you looking to train with others in order to maximize morale and incorporate accountability? Take part in small group training led by Matt and motivate yourself and others to be the best version of yourself!

  • One Class A Week
    $80 Monthly
  • Unlimited Classes
    $160 Monthly
Class Times
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- 6:00, 6:30 PM
“Beginner Burn” Monday, Wednesday- 7:00 PM
Close up woman hand doing push ups exercise in a gym in morning, sunlight effect.

1-on-1 Personal training

Are you looking for a more personal level of training? Try 1 on 1 personal training with Matt and maximize your output as well as learn more about the ways to optimize your physical fitness.

Sessions Start As Low As $40 For 1/2 Hour