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All the latest up to date information on the newest diet trends (not necessarily a recommendation) nutrition tips, and exercise blogs. Your one stop page for health and wellness.

How To Strengthen Your Knees and Preemptively Combat Injuries

The knee is the largest joint in the body. People use it heavily every day as they walk, run, climb, or jump. As a result, it is also very prone to injury and pain. When these occur, a doctor may recommend exercises to help a person strengthen the muscles around the knee.
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Skinnytaste Meal Plan (August 26-September 1)

A free 7-day flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include calories and Weight Watchers SmartPoints®. Weekly Meal Plan I added some of my family’s favorite recipes to the meal plan this week such as Orecchiette with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe, Chicken Parmesan and Picadillo. If […]
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8 Benefits of Doing Free Weights Exercises Over Resistance Machines

If your strength workout is limited to resistance machines, it's time to get up and grab some weights. Not only are they more convenient and cost-effective if you're working out at home, but using free weights vs. machines actually offers more performance benefits, too. According to trainers and science, incorporating them into your workout routine is the surest way to strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and become better at pretty much everything you do. Win-win.
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How To Meal Prep For The Entire Family: An Open Letter To Busy Mother’s

I am certainly not a mother, in fact I would say I am the complete opposite: A 36-year old bachelor. I do however, have many clients that are mothers and over the years I have come up with strategies and tips to help these mothers along the way.
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How Anyone Can Master the Pull-up

Can’t do a pull-up? We’re here to fix that—and help you get better abs in the process. Here’s how to work up to a pull-up, with a training plan that will actually fit into your real life. The post How Anyone Can Master the Pull-up appeared first on Born Fitness.
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5 Exercises to Help Correct Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Many shoulder patients are bombarded with a multitude of exercises to correct shoulder impingement. These can be difficult to perform correctly and regularly. We have extracted the top 5 home-based exercises from our in-depth shoulder impingement research, which are fairly easy to perform and easy to remember.
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