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All the latest up to date information on the newest diet trends (not necessarily a recommendation) nutrition tips, and exercise blogs. Your one stop page for health and wellness.

The Case Against Sugar review – an unsweetened attack on diet myths

For the last 15 years, US journalist Gary Taubes has been the self-nominated public enemy No 1 of the global “healthy eating” establishment. His heresy has been to argue powerfully and publicly that the official diet advice we have been encouraged to follow since the 1970s is fundamentally wrong. It is refined carbohydrates and sugars that we should be avoiding, he says, not fat.
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Does ‘Calories in vs. Calories out’ Really Matter?

However, some people insist that the type of food you eat matters much more than the number of calories it contains — both in terms of weight loss and long-term health. This article investigates whether the “calories in versus calories out” model really matters.
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5 Foolproof Ways to Eat Healthy on a Regular Basis

Getting healthy isn’t about quick fixes or completely eliminating certain foods from your diet. Eating healthy is a lifestyle change. We know, easier said than done. That’s why we came up with 5 feasible ways to incorporate eating healthier on a consistent basis into your lifestyle.
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8 Of The Most Important Morning Exercises You Should Do as Soon as You Get Out of Bed

You know that phrase, “Do what’s most important first thing in the morning”? That doesn’t mean check your email or scroll through Twitter and Instagram. It means perform some morning exercises. Considering the fact your day is mostly going to be spent sitting in front of your screen, the best thing you can do when you open your eyes is get your blood flowing.
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The Definitive Superfood Ranking

It seems like everything in the grocery store is labeled "super." We dove into which foods are actually proven, by science, to be good for you and which ones are all hype.
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Nutrition For Dummies: Key Nutrition Terms Explained

As well as sharing tips and suggestions, I believe it is part of my responsibility as a trainer to provide education too. So today, I want to help you learn more about a topic that is VERY important for your overall health — nutrition.
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