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Where Pain Lives

Fixing chronic back pain is possible only when patients understand how much it is produced by the brain, not the spine.
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Can you gain weight from eating too little? No, but here’s why it’s so easy to think you can.

You’re tracking your eating and exercise meticulously but not seeing results. Has your metabolism slowed to a crawl? Are your hormones off? Is it really possible to GAIN weight from eating too LITTLE? Here’s what’s really going on—and how to solve it.
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Move Over Kale – These Superfoods Are In Town

Kale.  Avocado.  Acai. Chia.  Apple Cider Vinegar.  Kombucha. Agai. Zinc.  Almond Flour. Coconut Oil.  What’s the common denominator of these foods?  “Alex, I’ll take ‘What are superfoods’ for $1,000.”  That’s right! They are all what we’ve come to understand to be superfoods. We’ve learned to live with them. Some have learned to love them. And just as fast as they rose to stardom on the superfood Train, they are quickly being sidelined by a new generation of superfoods. 
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New Study Says Physical Fitness Promotes Better Brain Function In Young Adults

Researchers found that study participants who performed better during a cardio test also exhibited better cognitive function via a brain scan. Additionally, the fitter, sharper participants also showed superior structural integrity of the white matter in their brains, which is associated with improved speed and quality of nerve connections.
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10 Of The Most Nutrient Dense Foods On The Planet

There is only a limited amount of food you can eat in a single day. To maximize the amount of nutrients you take in, it makes sense to spend your calorie budget wisely. The best way to do that is to simply eat the foods that carry the greatest amount and variety of nutrients.
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Does Having More Muscle Really Increase Your Metabolism?

Recently we received the following question from a reader: “I’ve always thought that adding muscle speeds up your metabolism. But then I read this isn’t correct. So what’s the truth: Does increasing your muscle mass really increase your metabolism?” -Phil, Vancouver For as long as I can remember, a lot of people have believed that […]
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Covid Protocols When Training

  • Hand sanitizer and disposable wipes are placed abundantly throughout the space for workers and customers to disinfect their hands and equipment before and after use.


  • Trainers are required to wash hands before and after each training session and sanitize frequently during each session.


  • All equipment must be sanitized between uses. No equipment shall be used by another customer or returned to the storage rack / container without being sanitized.


  • Clients are encouraged to use one piece of equipment at a time (e.g., limit circuit training or “super sets” with multiple pieces of equipment) in order to facilitate required sanitizing.


  • Clients must wear masks when entering and leaving the building.


  • During sessions, if a client is retrieving a piece of equipment for use, masks must be on.


  • While working out in their own personal workspace at a high level of intensity, clients can take the mask partially off to facilitate breathing then must put it back on. Immediately after exercising, that particular workspace must be immediately sanitized.